Controlling the Art Market and Prices of Work

I found this YouTube video to be kind of interesting. What do you think of the Magrabi’s view on their place in the art market?

One Response

  1. I think that it is another commodity to trade in. The man with the 800 Warhols may love the artist but it is definitely an investment strategy too. The other work that was shown in the second interview with the neon pieces and the Richard Prince painting seems like much more of a blatant investment. He seemed like he was full of shit and really didnt know much if anything about art. When the interviewer started to ask what he liked about the Richard Prince piece he started giving some answer about richness in a certain spot and then was let off the hook. We live in a time of ultimate market manipulations wherever they can be had. That’s how the housing market and wall street got us into the trouble we are in today and have in past bubbles, so I am a little biased in my view of people like this. Why is it money has to come into the picture so much? if you love the work just love the work. Hold onto it and pass it onto your children and/or the rest of the world. It seems like they love the game of how high can they get the price just as much or more than they love the art. I am glad that artists are being so highly regarded, but this whole thing of anything being so high in price and so elite is another bubble waiting to burst.

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