Christina Binstock Artist lec.

Christina Binstock

Visiting Artist


Aki Sasomato

            This unique artist calls herself the “Green Dragon.” She was born in Japan and studied at Columbia University and is now living in New York. She uses dance, sculpture, and performance in her work. She also uses dialogue and humor with her work that talks about the every day but showing disturbing truths about society.

As I sat to here the lecture I was pleasantly surprised that I liked her work. I had never seen a preforming artist before. She preformed for us as she introduced herself to us. Through out her performance we were able to see little parts of what she has been through. The first performance that she gave was much like a lecture but it was about the different kind of people in the world. It seem as she was calling celebrities “Tinks” she talked about how they need lots of attention from the “norm” who are your average every day person. Then there are where the “Odds” and these are the people who are picked on by the “norm.” she said, “the moral of the story was that we should all try to find Professor Kafner.” Kafner is the person who understands everyone and can deal with any one. Kafner keeps the Tinks from floting away, and keeps the normal people normal, and help the odds to stay sane.  The description that she gave of the world was filled with humor but made me think about it long after I had left. For this reason I truly loved her work.

She does not only preform in the gallery but because much of her pieces are considered dance she also preforms them on stage. She talked about how she wanted to give two hundred percent because this was in the gallery her audience get one hundred percent and so does the stage. I thought it was interesting that she could live in theses two different world and they do not really intersect. She never told her audience that she does her performance in both places. I believe it is because a dancer will get different information from the performance than a dancer would.

When she is finished preforming she cleans everything up and puts it all back into place. She said she does this because she does not want to make anyone feel as though they had missed something. She leaves it so people feel like something could happen and lets the viewer image what would happen in the space she created. I thought this was interesting because many people after they do a performance they leave what they did behind so the viewer can see maybe what happened there.

Thought her lecture and performance we learn that she hates peas and mosquitos. Even thought they are strange things to come away with from a lecture she really made me think about how everything she said could be said about a person in our lives. For example the pea is an intrusive vegetable and tends to be in everything, and the mosquito is a irritating and can suck all the life and energy out of you. Everything she said resonated with me and became less funny but more serious than I had thought sitting in the room listening to her.

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