Aki Sasamoto

I went to the Aki Sasamoto lecture this past week. What a trip she is. Goofy, with a laugh that seals the deal, but sharp as a knife. Her work as a performance artist is a mix of her training in dance, education and theatre. She started her performance career in dance. You can see that influence through her movement in her work as she rolls around and hangs from things and finds poses that are going to best influence her audience. She expresses her feelings in her work like that of a dancer, interacting with her created stage in bold and confident movement. it is this stage that allows her to be an educator. she sees the world and personalities in a unique way and her work touches into the realm of story telling about those things that she sees. her delivery of these stories is laid out in plan coinciding with her interaction with various objects on her stage. At times she uses walls and other flat surfaces like chalkboards to diagram ideas for consideration for her audience. I found her observations of the 4 types of people to be really interesting. She performed this piece for us during the lecture, describing the 4 types as Normal, Odds, Professor Krausner, and Tink. Through the diagram she showed how these 4 types move through time and space relying on each other at times and working to be the other at different times. It was educational and engaging there in the auditorium from the back row, so I can only imagine the pleasure I would get from experiencing it when she is in full character in a created artistic environment. The theatre aspect of her performance  kind of spans the educator and dance parts of her work, but for me it is the child like play that really puts her work into that category. the ways in which she interacts with the props that she uses during her performance has this childish quality that some might find at times annoying. Walking around in circles, drawing on walls, climbing into cabinets and talking from inside, hanging upside down like a mosquito are only a few instances of that play that most would identify with child behavior. Again it is expressive, but it also innocent and allows an audience to really work to connect the dots of the overall idea behind her piece. Aki Sasamoto is a performance artist, sculptor, dancer, and whatever more medium that takes to get her ideas across. She lives and works out of New York. Here is a link to her website of which she has some videos of her work. http://cargocollective.com/akisasamoto/AKI-SASAMOTO

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