Gerhard Richter – drawings

While we know and study Gerhard Richter as a painter, his drawings are worthy of discussion as well. His line work within his drawings has a rapid sense of organic motion. Often abstract just like his paintings, he has quite the collection of drawings that many people are not aware of. A drawing like this first one below is abstract and obviously quite common for Richter. No realistic composition composed of many different lines and line weights, often blended together. Yet, when drawing the figure, this is where his work seems to calm down and take a more focused approached.

From this extremely abstract piece above, it is quite easy to see where his drawing style arises from. Some of his figures have the same elements of intense motion while others are more focused and composed with very few, direct lines. In the last piece at the bottom, one can see his change in approach. As Richter explored and altered his painting style over the years, it is quite clear he did that with his drawings as well. Naturally progressing and advancing his discoveries is completely expected with an artist who has practiced as many years as Richter. Many people disregard his drawings, focusing purely on his paintings, but examining his drawings can provide a totally new experience to Richter’s work. Many of them seem so hurried, it would be interesting to know how long he did take exactly. Looking at the human figure, he drew what was most obvious and rather intense upon the body. His dark marks completely complimenting this. His drawings can definitely throw you into a whirlwind with their instantaneous and intrinsic nature.

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