Gerhard Richter- Extra Credit


I find Gerhard Richter to be a fascinating artist.  Most of all, I diverse his work is.  He allows himself to paint freely whatever he wants to.  Two of the above images are both paintings done by Richter.  Its amazing that they are both done by the same artist.  Most artists have a specific focus in their artwork, and when you look at all the different paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc., you can tell that the same artist did them just because the process is similar.  On  you can see all the different subject areas that Richter has worked with.  There are paintings of animals, fruit, family, abstract, buildings, clouds, flowers, and alpine.. just to name a few. Sometimes he painted in black and white, and other times he flooded his canvas with bright effervescent color.  The above painting to the left, is an abstract painting done in 1980 called “Faust”.  I am especially drawn towards this one because to me, it appears as if the foreground colors are about to leap off the canvas and splatter the viewer in the face, but at the same time I can still see Richter’s famous blurring technique in the background.  The above painting to the right, although so drowned out having no color at all, is still intriguing.  This painting was done in 1969 and is called “Alps (Atmosphere)”.  I love the subject matter being mountains, especially high up where they pierce through the clouds.  I feel that Gerhard Richter captured the image perfectly with the way he used his blurring technique in the sky to give a soft and light feel.

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