Extra Credit- Misc Sony Music Building Beverly Hills

A few weeks ago we talked about the design of the Sony Music building in New York City when were were talking about the shift from postmodern to modern art. I just thought I’d share some pictures of the Sony office that I work at in Beverly Hills, California which was designed by the brilliant Chinese American architect I.M. Pei. Also, inside the building is mural by Roy Lichtenstein in its 57-foot-high atrium. It is absolutely magnificant. I think that it is pretty incredible how this building represents a complete mix of different kinds of art. The building itself is art, as well as the paintings inside and the photographs of the musicians hanging on the walls. Along with all of this is the music that is made through this building. When I was working at the building I did not appreciate any of this. However, after being in this class and talking about everything we have so far I realized how beautiful the space is that I work in and that art is everywhere.

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