Cindy Sherman…Xtra Credit

First of all, I love Cindy Sherman. Everything she creates intrigues me visually as well as mentally.  She is such an important figure in the contemporary art world. She has seen multiple decades and with that knowledge she has interpreted various stereotypes depicted in our culture. Sherman only photographs herself. I think that if she wasn’t the central figure it would change the meaning of her artworks. The aspect of identity in Sherman’s work is fascinating. One can’t help but wonder what Cindy Sherman’s actual identity is. This is because you never get to see her as herself. She always depicts certain social stereotypes, usually dealing with feminist ideas. Her work really makes me question the culture that I grow up in and the way she depicts art and film. The “Sex Pictures” is my favorite series by Sherman. In this series she uses prosthetic limbs and other body parts to create her photos. This is her first series that she isn’t the central figure. She places the dolls and prosthetics in sexual positions that are very grotesque and bizarre in nature. These photos are meant to shock and the fact that they are in color definitely helps this. What was Sherman’s motive for creating these photos? Do you think they are only meant to shock, or are they meant to bring up questions dealing with our own sexualities, ideas on pornography, and sex?



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