Extra Credit- Cindy Sherman, Ryan Shand

Cindy Sherman is an artist who has continually pushed the boundaries in the art world by questioning how far she can really go with the artwork she produces. She is a photographer who is best known for the portraits of women and men, which continually push to doubt and question women in society, and in the world. In her work, she becomes the artist, the actor, a different character, as well as portraying every woman in the world in each photograph while remaining as different and unique as she can to herself. She is known for working in serious of costumes, she photographs herself where she takes on a role in her studio and proceeds to play it as best she can. She is an extremely intelligent individual in the art world for literally pushing the boundaries of what she can do, making the audience believing she is a little bit insane, while honestly portraying each individual (as well as herself) to the best of her ability through color, costume, design and intensity. He work is based on viewing the stereotyping of women that is present through mass media (TV, movies, magazines etc) and the importance of erasing all judgment that is portrayed upon them. Through her work and her very unique style is how she has become so widely recognized and studied by the public eye, she has stayed true to her own style and continues to grow and question society’s role on women in this day in age.

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