Extra Credit, Jeff Koons- Ryan Shand

Jeff Koons work as an artist has been questioned throughout his artistic experience by artist, students, art historians and the world that has had the pleasure (or maybe not) of viewing his work. The questioning of his artwork has been raised several times and the concern that maybe his appropriation, his reproductions and instillations are maybe too costly and do they really portray a piece of artwork that so many of us look for. Koons is an American Artist who is greatly known for his imitations of “banal art”- which mostly include large, sculpture, instillations such as his balloon animals that we so commonly see. It is impressive to observe the different responses that we often get out of his work, some individuals think of his work of very important historical influences that we must notice, and take note of, while others simply don’t know quite how to view it.
I personally know is works of art from viewing them for the first time at the Guggenheim in Spain. His extremely large puppy dog that stands on its own outside of the building, dressed in all kinds of flowers finds a way to draw you in, want to observe it and figure out why it is really there. His works sometimes have a way to feel like they are misplaced, like they simply don’t belong because of their massive structures, colors and the kind of objects that they are. Personally, he is an artist that is hard to completely admire because of the immense prices his pieces go for, they are interesting and visually pleasing to view, but in my opinion they aren’t worth the amount of money that they are going for. The amount of money the public spends to view pieces such as balloons make out of steal, a puppy dog or any other kind of object along those lines. On the other hand, I appreciate him and his work for questioning the audience so vividly and brining all of this uproar into the art world.

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