Mid-term exam

will take place on Tuesday, March 20, during class.

I am sorry to have given the wrong date in class today. We stick with the date announced in the syllabus.

The exam will consist of questions on the three readings assigned for the exam.

2 Responses

  1. I sincerely hope that you will take in consideration the largely negative reaction to the midterm layout when writing the final for this class. I think it would be beneficial to students if the exam were a format we were all familiar with, like multiple choice with a few short answers. Selecting true statements out of a group of statements does not completely reflect the students understanding of the material.

  2. I agree with Andy on this! I studied my butt off and even had the answers to the questions written in my notes. I read each article for the midterm like three times and I still only got a 68. And also whether you know it or not people in the class just copy and paste in the entire article into their notes. Those were some of the people who made the highest grades. I have never taken an exam like that in my life. Also I’m very confused about how you can test on material that you hadn’t even taught it class yet? You went over the articles we were tested on for the midterm AFTER we took the midterm.. That is NOT how exams work…

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