Janine Antoni-Extra Credit

On Tuesday March 6t, I saw the visiting artist lecture given by Janine Antoni.  I personally found her to be one of the most intriguing and inspiring contemporary artist of this time that has come to visit CU Boulder especially.  Not only her attitude towards her work, but the themes and ideas behind them were fascinating.  She spoke a lot about the separation anxiety she had towards her mother.  One work that I liked in particular that went alone with this theme, was the one of the cow which appeared to be drinking from her nipple while lying in a bathtub.  I thought her idea was a beautiful way of depicting such a bond.  Janine Antoni also had a lively sense of humor.  In one photograph she took, she made her mother into her father and her father into her mother.  The interesting idea behind this was in a way.. the image resembled that although they could not be turned into each other, they had different qualities of each other.  The fact that during marriage, and living with the significant other for years on end, similarly displays this same notion, which was Janine’s thought behind the piece.  Another idea behind this image that I found to be humerous is how unattractive each of her parents turned out when adding certain qualities to them, and that the children of two parents most of the time doesn’t come out that bad.  My favorite work of Janine Antoni’s, even though not that epic, was “Butterfly Kisses” which was a work done simply with Cover Girl Mascara and Janine Antoni blinking her eyelashes.  I know its a super simple work, but that song has personal meaning to me, so the fact that I can relate to another artists work in my own way, makes it that much more special.

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  1. I found the way that Janine Antoni elating and connecting all of her work to a theme was really interesting. When looking at her work with just my own perspective in mind I have no idea her ideals and hearing them made me appreciate and enjoy her work a lot more. I agree that her separation anxiety was really interesting too. The way that she almost subconsciously made her art based on that separation and than went back to connect everything together is cool. She has grown so much as an artist but at the same time the roots stay the same for her.

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