Madison Dye Extra Credit Post on Tobias Rehberger

There was recently an exhibit at the Denver Art Museum titled Embrace! in which many artists were invited to contribute pieces that were fun, inclusive, and included the exercising of many different senses.

One artist, Tobias Rehberger, contributed a piece that was made up of thousands of colorful rubber bungee cords attached horizontally between the floor and the ceiling of a large cave. The cave like room allowed visitors to walk inside of it and interact with the bungee cords. In class on Thursday we talked about whether or not having fun pieces could make museums the “fast-food of the art world” or if having fun involving pieces would open the demographic and get more people excited about visiting the museum. In my opinion, it is important to incorporate all different kinds of art that is being displayed in museums. Having installations that are fun and dont require any in depth reflection is a good thing, as long as there is also art in the museum that has in depth cultural importance. Art itself should be about exploring and pushing the limits by incorporating new aspects of design, and i think that Rehberger’s bungee piece does just that.

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