Visiting artist paper 1

Lucy Eyears


Arth 3539

Visiting Artist Lecture Paper 

Jenine Antoni is a famous artist who has specialized in many different mediums through out her art career. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York with an art degree.  She ended up persuading installation art and had her work among various studios in the United States. She did many different types of work however a lot of her work had to do with the medium she used. She would choose a medium and would use herself to create it into something else. It was a relationship between the artist and her own work or the product she chose. She came up with many different ideas that would stand out to audiences. Some people loved her work and some found it very odd and confusing at times. This was because many of her ideas were bold and unique in every way.

One of her pieces which I had learned previously in classes was Gnaw. Antoni got two lard cubes of lard and chocolate. She would naw on them to give them different shapes and texture. Instead of using a sculptor object she used her teeth to create a different shape to the piece and to have the relationship between the artist and object. Unfortunately, the cube of lard ended up deforming and fell apart. She used the answer with that it was material it can happen and she admired it for that. She enjoyed the idea of how the gnawing would transform the look of a cube to a gnawed down transformed object. She used many of her ideas from art school where she gathered a lot of ideas. From school she decided to combine everything she learned into her installations. She called it an “ excersism art school”. The ideas she learned in school she applied to parts of her work. However she kept working she went off course and came up with her own unique ideas.

In another work of art she used her eyelashes as the medium to paint. She called this piece “butter fly kisses”. Everyday she would put on mascara and put her face up to a piece of paper and do 60 winks per day. This created many fine or blotchy lines on the paper. She enjoyed using different mediums for her work she found it different and instead of using a paintbrush she used her eye lashes so she could be apart of the work. She involves herself in most of her works by using her body parts, which was a different path that she took from everyone else. This caused an audience to come to attention, which made her famous. Her ideas and process of her artwork, which is what draws people in because it is different and it’s the process in itself, which is how she is making her artwork.

I found all of her pieces very interesting. I think her thought process is very abstract compared to others, which is what I admire the most. She goes outside of the box and truly finds a new way to create her work. The end process of her work I don’t admire very much however I find that the point of her work. Its not how it looks its how it got to that point which is a different angle to look at art. Being an art major I find that the final look is what is most important. However, viewing Antonis art, I learned that the on going process of the work and the effort going into that is most important. This leads to new ideas for the future and for an audience to see a different side of art that not many have seen before. Antoni did an amazing job of demonstrating the relationship between the artist and the object and her work of art has changed many perspectives over the years including mine.

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