Missing Attendance Points for 3/15

Some thoughts after class:

I was thinking about the Monument Against Fascism, 1986, and had an afterthought. I thought that the monument would have been more effective if it moved in the opposite direction. Starting small, people would fill up the facade with their petition signatures and as it grew taller, people could be constantly reminded of their petition. Also, it would stand as a testimony to all those in opposition of fascism and the impact it made on the people. Future generations would still be able to look at it and understand. But perhaps that would be too similar to other standing monuments and the artist wanted to be different. I understand that it is like the monument is burying the issue and putting it in the past, but I think it is a shame that we cannot see it in its entirety.

I was thinking about the Black Garden, 1994, by Jenny Holzer. I thought that it was so interesting that she used life to represent those who died. It is as if the flowers live on for those that died in the war. The flowers continue to live, while they could not. Furthermore, if we are going to view it as the flowers are standing in for the souls that passed, then it is a shame that people often find it uncomfortable to sit on the benches. Physical interaction with the flowers and plants should be encouraged otherwise they become a garden of shame, something that wants to interact, but cannot. That makes it very sad, indeed. On the other hand, I think that the black color of the flowers is a perfect representation of the lives lost. It is like their memory is living through the plants, but the blackness stands in for the blacking out of their futures.

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