Damien Hirst’s New Official Website is Here!!!


Damien Hirst’s new official website is here! The site is complete with searches of his work that are easy to navigate through a catalogue of works, the ability to browse key works, and even to search through a map of current exhibitions around the world. The viewer can also go to the “Texts” tab to find books that feature his work and career, “Audio and Video” to see short videos of a variety of topics, and even a link to his growing othercriteria.com website that sells not only his works but a multitude of works. Other Criteria has been around for awhile as an internet site devoted to making some pieces of Damien Art assessable to buy to a wide audience. Easy navigation on so many complex ideas of what an internet site can be essential to keeping viewers coming back. Damien plans on having new works up monthly and an ever expanding base of what the viewer can experience on this website. One of the most intriguing points of his new site is the “Live Feed” the viewer is immediately taken to inside the site. Here you can watch Damien work on pieces in his studio! Just today he was in there working on a piece where we could all watch him work.

In class we had just discussed the internet replacing our experiences. I believe Damien Hirst is taking a wide audience base to a whole new level with the live feed, the commerciality of products available through your key board, and replacing experiences. The Live Feed allows you to view his process without ever meeting the artist. I would way rather meet the artist’s studio in person and be able to converse with him about the piece before me, about the process of his workings. But until then, this is a pretty complete insight into the world that is Damien Hirst’s works, the exhibitions he currently is displaying, and even a bit into the studio life of one of my favorite artists.

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE SITE? Do you like the set up? Do you like the “experience” of the live feed?

DO YOU LIKE DAMIEN HIRST’S WORK? How do you feel about the “selling” website Other Criteria?

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