Suki Nesvig: Aki Sasamoto Visiting Artist

This is a performer to say the least. Who can find the Tink!?



2 Responses

  1. I love you description of Ms. Sasamoto’s lecture. she had so much energy and light to her, it was really amazing to see someone so ecstatic about their art. her talk on the comedian and the mosquito was witty as well and full of personality and light. i really like your description of her lecture and your opinion on it as well

  2. While I didn’t attend this lecture, your paper is great in the fact that while it is brief it presents a great image of what happened there. The one aspect of your paper that I really enjoyed was that you described how Sasamoto treated this as another one of her performances. I really thought that was great insight on your part, especially considering how you described her interaction with the audience.

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