“Gaming The Streets: Uncommissioned Art”

Street art is a difficult way to create art. Artist’s run the risk of being arrested for their street art. I watched a youtube video (I will add the link) about street art and was interested in this line of work. I will also add a link to a website about street art.

One artist called Invader will “invade” a city with his tiles and create little images. He will then take photographs and map where each image was created. He will then sell images of his maps online. What I found interesting is that his tile pieces are small and were more of a landmark. Invader was “marking” cities and places with his tiles.

Another artist creates site specific billboards. The artist will mirror the buildings behind the billboard. What I find cool about that is you have to be looking around and aware while you are driving in order to notice these billboards. Sort of shows us how we are so used to our habits that sometimes we miss details that go on around us.

D.C. Gecko takes ads and illuminates them from the back during night time. The differences between day time and night time can be quite different because of this lighting. Because of this difference it took months before a viewer would notice the difference which again highlights on the facts that people don’t look up often enough. It takes a great observer to see the differences between the two images.

Jason Effing created the pixilator. He pixilates digital ads so that the pixilation changes as the digital ad changes. What is interesting is that he has published how to do this online so everyone is able to pixilize digital ads.

Another artist puts a white bubble in front of person in an ad and will come back later to take pictures of what people fill in the white bubble. This interactive piece is directly responding to ads and the world we live in and how we think about that world.

Another artist has a project called “Take picture don’t steal”. He would hang a disposable camera around cities for people to take pictures of themselves. The disposable camera’s created an artistic community. The community actually protects the cameras so that everyone gets a chance to use them and take pictures of them.

An artist called Bumble Bee takes abandoned phone booths and puts fake hives inside of them to remind people that telephone signals are messing up bee’s migration patterns and the bee population is slowly dropping.

Another artist took plastic bags and created an animal. This plastic bag animal was placed on the grates that pass over the subway. When the subway passes underneath, the plastic animal inflates. I found this really cool because these animals incorporate transportation that many people use everyday.

A lot of street art is not about vandalism. Street art is to show others how often we miss ordinary things in our lives. Our world is surrounded by beautiful objects but sometimes we are moving too fast to see them. Street art is helping people to look up and down, keep your eyes open.



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