Aki Sasamoto


Visiting Artist Review

Annelysse Eggold


Aki Sasamoto: eclectic, enigmatic, simple, complex, multifaceted in her life and her work, intuitive, insightful, and above all …alive.  This young woman, of Japanese descent, and schooled at Columbia, exhibits a distinctly unique way of being in the world, with one foot in time and one in eternity (“the void” as she calls this empty place out of which her creativity evolves). Her performances are intentionally mesmerizing as she draws her audience across the “boundary of separateness” into a unity of perception with the artist and her insights. Her staccato speech and quantum jumps, twists, swirls and rushes across her artistic space are an apparent attempt to deconstruct the conditioned reality of the observer who is wordlessly encouraged to step into the void wherein the performance may be understood by the intuitive mind, while the cognitive mind remains suspended and still.


All mediums of  Sasamoto’s work illuminate a professed randomness of movement, form and sound…a randomness that is profoundly inherent in our world but not at the visible level.  The randomness speaks of an uncertainty which is the foundation of the quantum world and is now explicated at a macrocosmic level of performance.  Sasamoto’s lecture

was strongly contextual in its multicultural approach to the diversity of opinions among those in the art world and those of the observer as she arbitrarily divided the world into Norms, Tinks and Odds.  Norms, rule and values are Sasamoto’s grist for the mill of a deeper understanding of life, our relationships with others and our relationship with the planet…they define our unconscious motivations, intentions and perceptions of others,  subsequently our actions, and ultimately our character.  These invisible barriers between human beings were exemplified in her profound Judge Mentals and Purpose of Life.


Sasamoto’s Secrets of My Mother’s Child is a fascinating neo-Freudian multifaceted performance which searches for the repressed, the suppressed and the subliminal memories of childhood which are stored in the old socks and bureau drawers of our mind and unconsciously condition our adult lives. She appears to be working undercover which further emphasizes the mask of the ego’s persona which must be uncovered to find the secrets which control our behavior.


The sheer love of dance as an expressive component of artistic work is beautifully visualized and deeply felt in the work of Sasamoto, who seems to float through her performance as an apparition from an ancient  Japanese Zendo with her outstretched hands extending an offering to the pretas, or hungry ghosts, never satisfied by the material world…the everything…and yet…the nothing…themes emphasized quietly by Sasamoto, awaiting the ear that can hear, and the eye that can see.

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  1. Great writing style, it really allows your reader to engage with the artist and their works. This paper makes me very interested to look further into the works of Aki Sasamoto

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