“everyone should know Koh” — Samuel Lane

As we are currently learning about post-war and contemporary art in Asia, I find it appropriate, for those who are unfamiliar with Terence Koh’s work, to give a brief background on his significance to art world.  The young artist was born in Beijing, China in 1977 and moved to Canada to pursue an education at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver. After his university studies, Koh began to claim his title as a “provocative artist,” showing at major galleries such as Charles Saatchi’s gallery, Saatchi Gallery in London, UK.  At his exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, Koh presented many vulgar and controversial pieces such as his light installation, “Big White Cock,” a rooster that lights up a black wall.  This piece is everything its title suggests as it highlights innuendos of “back-alley sex shops and mega-bucket chicken shacks.” More recently, Koh has entered the realm of “celebrity status” and has been called (by nymag) “…one of the most important people in New York.” Koh has collaborated with many prominent artists, but of these, Lady Gaga is perhaps the most influential to his work.  Koh was introduced to Gaga at the Grammys in 2010, where she performed on a custom-made piano made by the artist.  Since her Grammy performance, Koh and Gaga have collaborated on music videos, fashion lines, and art. Koh has publicized his art and ideas by hosting a youtube show where artists, Ai Weiwei and Marina Abromovic have made appearances. Koh’s instant connection to the art and celebrity world can easily be compared to Andy Warhol’s relations to the socialite of New York City. His talent is unstoppable, as is his daring and intoxicating style.

I encourage everyone to check out his works!

Terence Koh- "Big White Cock"
Saatchi Gallery

“The Terence Koh Show- The downtown artist, and his relationship to virtually everybody” — http://nymag.com/news/features/establishments/68509/

One Response

  1. Sam!

    what an exciting post! i really like how you are finding artists that apply to lectures in class. i think i really like his self-portrait entitled, WARHOL REMAINS AS A CHINESE WINTER
    GARDEN IN MY HEART done in 2006. it’s an interesting self-portrait and title too.

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