Cartoon Flying ‘Up’ House Made in Real Life

Although this could also be considered just a scientific experiment, it ended up being quite a beautiful art piece. Originating from an art form as a movie, put in to reality is possibly more artistic. When I saw the Pixel movie, Up, I thought of how wonderful it would be (and scary) if it was possible, but I never thought anyone would attempt to try it! Working with a bunch of scientists, engineers and two world-class balloon pilots, National Geographic was successful in the flight of the home. It took 300 weather balloons to carry the 100,000 ton home. Could this be the architecture of the future?? Seeing a home that is normally on the ground in another environment is fascinating to look at, and it inspires creativity. The final design is beautiful.

Link to Movie:



One Response

  1. I would like to suggest that no one should ever attempt to move architecture in this direction. I most thoroughly believe that a house several hundred feet above the ground, suspended by balloons, is not idyllic for raising a family. On a more artistic note, I would like to add that the color of the sky is not appealing to my taste. This should be attempted at sunset, to increase the colors present in the image. If this house/balloon apparatus were drifting across the desert sky at sunset, it may have a more potent, lasting effect on its viewers.

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