Extra Credit

I was really excited to go into Tuesday’s lecture on Middle Eastern Art

because it seems to be an often forgotten area in terms of art. I really can’t remember learning about any art or artists that came from that area especially in the contemporary art world. It’s also interesting to hear how all these artists not just from the Middle East, but also Black, Asian, and Latin artists struggle with their identity in the art world.I’m specifically talking about the way they feel pressured to respond to their race or issues dealing with their race. I think this is quite common for any person of a “minority race.” I became interested in art early on in my life, and as a child of course I wasn’t thinking what type of art I would want to create in the future, or what my art would address. However, as I got older and continued to pursue some sort of art related profession, I started to kind of feel  like I needed to respond to my race or create some work relating to it. This feeling of forced-response didn’t only come from my interest in art but, also from basically everything. I felt like I needed to address or incorporate my hispanic-ness into my college essays, scholarship essays, etc. this kind of bored me quite quickly, but, I feel like I can kind of understand how some of these artists feel.

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