Georgescu–Response to: “The Art of War: Why Today’s Iranian Art Is One Of Your Best Investments Now”

I found this article interesting because it addresses the controversy around many Iranian art pieces as well as the emotion, which is often anger, that goes into creating these works.  As I was reading this article, I immediately thought of other artists whose works are characterized by emotions clearly exhibited in their works. Specifically, I thought of Jackson Pollock and the artists of the abstract expressionist movement. Although this movement, at first glance, appears very different from Iranian art, there are several key elements that I believe connect the two types of art. Both types of art:  1) share an emotional intensity that is 2) motivated by rebellion. While the abstract expressionists rebelled against conservative art, the Iranian artists in this article rebel against political and social oppression in Iran.

Rebellious techniques and ideas have been expressed in art works over the centuries, but what makes the rebellion of Iranian art especially interesting is that it is effecting the artists who have the courage to use their art as tools of opposition in hopes of causing a  change  in their countries. It is this courage that is remarkable, especially when you consider what these artists have sacrificed in order o express themselves. The fact that Rokni and Ramin Haerizadeh are living in exile because of their art struck me as rather shocking. I  researched them further and found this article that explains their situation and their convictions in more depth:

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