Networking and Art Group.

Hello fellow students,

I’m trying to organize a Networking and overall Art group for us Art History and Fine/Studio Art Students, well any students interested in the arts. I’m sure you have all found the importance of connecting to students outside you’re department for various reasons (i.e. me searching for architects as a sculpture major.) I made this flyer summarizing the details although I’m no graphic designer (a note for networking for someone may be better at it.)

Basically we would meet one to two times a week to discuss the topics provided, but anything regarding your interests could definitely be a topic of discussion or activity.

What I want to accomplish is designing a network not only between us students, but also an understanding of how art historians, galleries, artists, writers, critics all work together in the Art World. A way of, not only practicing our skills with each other but applying them to the outside world.

Please email me at if you have any questions or interests. There are no specific requirements for who can join the group but must have an interest in the Art World and learning how to be a part of it in the future.

Best, E.

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