Visiting Artist: Extra Credit (Nao Bustamante)

Aly Nack

Visiting Artist: Extra Credit

Nao Bustamante is an internationally well- known artist. She is originally from California,  where she also attended the San Francisco Art Institute. She currently lives in upstate New York where she teaches. “Bustamante’s at times precarious and radically vulnerable work encompasses performance art, video installation, visual art, filmaking, and writing”(

Over all I thought Bustamante’s lecture was hilarious and very interesting. I really like how she approached the lecture by opening with “hypnotizing” the audience to create a more relaxed atmosphere for the lecture, also known as her piece “find yourself through me”. With that, how she ended the lecture by bringing us back from the hypnosis, as if we were actually hypnotized. Although I did enjoy the lecture, I do feel that I could have gotten more out of it. It felt like she only showed about three of her pieces of work, and although they were spread out in different time periods it just did not seem like it was enough. I also do not feel like I learned very much about her. I had to look up most of her background information. Also I do feel like she showed more that I thought she did, but she breezed through it. Like at the beginning when she she showed us her body work she focused on one image and spent about a second on every other one, and I was actually very interested in those. I am going to contradict myself and say that, although I do not feel like I got very much, or as much, out of this lecture I do appreciate how she went out of her way to give the lecture in a more unconventional way. By far my favorite part of the lecture was the longer video she showed, I think the piece is known as “Silver and Gold”, but I am not exactly sure because I do not remember her mentioning the name. I thought the video was hilarious and engaging, and although I still do not think I understand what she is trying to get across with this video, I still really enjoyed it. It was hilarious.

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