Logan Lecture Series: Lawrence Argent

            Lawrence Argent participated as a guest lecturer for the Logan Lecture Series held at the Denver Art Museum. In his lecture, he decided to focus on the values of Public art in the sense of culture, emotion, feeling and the mastery of technique and material. Argent received his B.A. in Sculpture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia in 1983 and finished his MFA at the Rinehart School of Sculpture in Maryland in 1986.

            In his lecture, Argent talked about a few different pieces that he had done. One piece that he talked about was titled “Waiting.” In this artwork, he projected different people’s asses onto one chair in an attempt to tell the story of the chair in the eyes of the chair. This is an interesting piece because Argent is attempting to give the chair human emotion and characteristics. The chair is just an inanimate object, and in this piece it has a background story.

Another piece that he talked about was the installation that was installed at the University of Colorado-Denver. In this piece he used two large towers and benches that emitted sound of the lectures that were going on in the classroom.  The conversations were heard outside, in an attempt to bring conversations that you would never hear in public to a public scene. He also wanted to bring a sense of abstract reality. I found this piece interesting because of the invasive nature of the piece for the both the public and the students/professors in the classroom. He is bringing a sense of distraction into the public and invading the privacy of the classroom by bringing it into the public.

Lastly, Argent discussed his most recognized piece in Denver, the Blue Bear. In his discussion about the Blue Bear, he described his meaning behind it. He wanted to make something that would compliment the convention center in Denver. In his final decision he decided he wanted the Blue Bear to be apart of the architecture of the building and apart of Denver. A lot of people associate Colorado with the west and everything that represents the west. In his attempt to make it memorable to the west, Argent used a bear to represent the mountains and the west.

To conclude, Argent’s discussion of art works that he had done was very interesting due to the fact that his installations are massive and very creative. The idea of bringing human characteristics to a chair and showing something that could possibly make people empathize with the chair was very cool. Also, his giant towers that allowed the viewers’ privacy to be invaded was also very interesting because as a society we always feel that we need to have our privacy and our own personal spaces. 

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