Cindy Sherman currently at Metro Pictures Gallery NYC

Cindy Sherman Large-Scale Works at Metro Pictures Gallery in New York.

Opening reception is tonight, April 28, 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Cindy Sherman, well known photographer and film director working with conceptual portraits, whom we have studied in this class. Inviting the viewer to think about the role of women in society, gender acts, and the meaning of identity. Working alone in her studio, she directs, styles, models, and photographs herself. Although she does not consider herself to be a feminist, her work does bring attention to the stereotyping of women in films and magazines.

There is currently a Sherman restrospective of the past 35 years at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, but her new large-scale pieces can be seen at Metro Pictures Gallery. These new works “depict outsized enigmatic female figures standing in striking isolation before ominous landscapes.” Wearing entirely 1920s haute couture Chanel outfits, she intensely stares out to the viewer. Some of the characters seem as though they do not belong in the background evironment, while others seem to be in a protective stance of their lands.

To do this, she photographed herself in her studio with a green screen and inserted the landscapes later with photoshop. The landscapes, which she also photographed herself, were manipulated to look as though they were actually painted. The landscapes are of Iceland during a 2010 volcanic eruption, and of the isle of Capri. These photographs are all based on work that she did for Dasha Zhukova’s magazine.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this short information about Cindy Sherman. Since learning about her in school over the past few years, I have always loved her work and her overall approach to art, and I liked being able to read about her here. I haven’t seen much of her newer work, so it was really awesome to be able to see these photos, since they are such a different style from her older pieces. I also liked the information on how she photoshops the background in and that it is meant to look like it was painted, although she took the background pictures herself. Really cool! It was also a funny coincidence that she did work for a magazine of a woman with the same name as me! Great tidbit of information to read!

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