Artist Lecture – #2- paige lowe

Michael Franti

            I attended the Michael Franti concert because the artist lecture that had been schedule at 7pm was changed to 6pm when I could not attend. While others were at the Obama speech, I decided to attend Franti. Mainly because I could not be an Obama ticket. I am so happy with the decision I made. I experienced an amazing musical artist.

            Every time I walk into Macky Auditorium I am amazing at the grandee of the building  inside and outside. The building is a work of art itself placing the viewer into old world Boulder. The place was the perfect setting to experience a Michael Franti concert.  I really enjoyed seeing the man behind his famous music. He told the meanings an stories behind his music. Along with his childhood experiences, the birth of his son, and how he found his birth parents. It was wonderful getting to know the meanings and the man behind the music.

            Franti went on to answer viewer questions. One of which was about his life beliefs in a healthy diet. He was once a strict vegan but now believes everything is okay within moderation. Which I believe translates to his artistic abilities. He creates music that reflects his life as a way to express himself. His music has helped to transform radio music. I really liked knowing how his life influenced his experiences. And how he translated these experiences in to his work to make an emotional connection to his listeners. I feel that I have a deeper understanding of his music and how he creates his musical experiences to the listeners.

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