Visiting Artist-Janine Antoni (Hsuan Wang)

Hsuan Wang


Visiting artist


Visiting artist- Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni is a contemporary artist who focuses her work on process; she gave a speech in CU Boulder on March 6, 2012. She talked many of her artworks in the lecture, when I first learn about Janine Antoni’s artwork at her presentation, I do not agree with her idea of generating theme through the process of making an art piece. Janine Antoni has talked about how she focuses mainly on the process, and how sometimes the artwork comes out not as planned. For example, first she plans the work “spider” that the spiders can walk and give the pattern of the web; but in the end the spider did not do what she expect and the audience did not focus on the web also. She is the artist who cares about the process more than what the artwork looks like in the end. The work “ the chocolate and lard” is the work she used her teeth to bite, and she cares more about the time when she is biting than what the shape of the artwork look like in the end.

Before I go to Janine Antoni’s talk, I have always thought that art is about the communication between the artist and the audience, and a great art work is supposed to show the audience what the artist is trying to say, and what the audience will feel after they see the final piece. However, Janine Antoni’s work has enhanced my mind to a new way of thinking about art. I think she is more like the performance artist because that is what the performance cares about.

Changes happened during the making of an art are not contradictions of an artist’s primary idea, but rather, they become part of the art; being focused on the process of making a project and discovering any unexpected result, the artist is influenced by his/her own art work. Just like how I have come out with this conclusion through the process of constantly re-defining my perspective of art, any change during the making of an art is part of the creativity of it. Therefore, I have learned that art is more than what is presented in front of the viewers; it is also about the story of making it.

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