Visiting Artist -Lawerence Argent (Hsuan Wang)

Hsuan Wang

ARTH 3539

Visiting artist


Visiting Artist – Lawrence Argent

On Wednesday, April 18, Lawrence Argent has a speech at the lower level of Denver art museum. He is a very funny person, and if you do not know him, you should know about his work. If you ever drive in downtown Denver passing the Denver Convention Center, there is a huge sculpture looking in the window of the building, a blue bear. This sculpture was making by him, and this public artwork named “I see what you mean.” It is representing the Colorado, what we think when we hear the state of Colorado. From his opinion, the bear can represent Colorado well, and both can show the audience the feeling of nature.  When the audiences see the blue bear form the outside of the building, people will have question about what this bear doing here, or something like what the bear is looking at. Yet, when the audience walk into the building see the bear from inside, the bear is facing the audience that makes the audience feels that the bear is watching or hunting them. This can makes the audience feels they are standing in the nature.

Although the Blue bear is a famous sculpture, it is not his only artworks in Colorado. The other works such like “Solaris Project-Vail,” “Ghost Trolley-Aurora,” “Conduit- Vail,” “Confluence-Fort Collins,” “Virere- Englewood,” “Pillow Talk-Denver,” and “Verdant Meadow-Vail” is all sculpture that he did in Colorado. The purpose of the artwork is to have the relationship with the audience, for example the “Confluence- Fort Collins,” it design the water comes out from the sculpture then goes into the ground, some of the children will play with it because it looks fun. Another example is “Whispers- University of Denver,” which is a lip design bench. When people are sitting on it, it will start playing sounds that normal people would not hear on the street. It also represent what the education is, because he thinks that “asking” is important in education, and after people sit on the bench and hear the sound, they will start asking what is it. In the lecture, he said “You do not know, so have fear, but do not be afraid,” I think this is what he is trying to tell the audience from the artwork, do not be afraid to try something new, and to have relationship with it.

The last artwork Lawrence Argent shows us is “Leap-Sacramento Airport.” He shows the process of making the sculpture and the problem they had while they make it.  Suitcase is first thing people will think about when they are at the airport, because most of people at airport is to go somewhere with the suitcase. The sculptures he designs for the airport include a suitcase, and a huge rabbit. He believes that the rabbit represent the civilization, so he thinks that it fits the airport because the airport has many different people who come from different civilization. The rabbit is huge that traveler can see it from the Customs to people get baggage. The suitcase is important in whole pieces, because he believes that suitcase is personal which represent personality of the owner, and it is with you when you are in the “journey.”

All the work Lawrence Argent did is to have relationship with the audience, and to send his own opinion and message to them. The work he did is trying to make people “think” and “questioning” about life, why this is here, what is it, or what the purpose of it. In the end of the lecture, he shows people a sentence, “The aspects of things that are most important to us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.” This is trying to tell the audience that the idea and reason he made art. I want to see his artwork more, specially the work that use animal to me the main character.

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  1. This is a great paper, and i think you really captured the essence of Lawrence Argent and his work. His work really is majestic and awe-inspiring, and i think it is great that he really had a connection with his audience because that is key for a speaker to have.

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