Yves Saint Laurent Extra Credit

Morgan Kairey


Extra Credit

Yves Saint Laurent Extra Credit

At the Denver Art Museum, Yves Saint Laurent is showing photographs,  clothing, sketches, and videos.  It shows the designers 40 years of creativity and features 200 couture garments.  The exhibit is organized thematically, from his first days at Dior to his amazing evening dresses in 2002.

His work introduces the role of women in the world 40 years ago.  He created old fisherman’s jackets into stylish garments.  He was the first to take men’s work clothes and make them fashionable for women.  He really pushed the boundaries of fashion and made something completely original.  He had a major roll in what fashion is today.

There is a replica of his work studio and an Andy Warhol painting of the designer.  It really gives us a look into the designer’s life and the ways he as inspired.  I found it extremely interesting that he created some of his garments after being inspired by a Picasso painting.  I also loved all of the color from his Moroccan inspired line.

I found this exhibit to be extremely successful and was laid out beautifully.

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  1. I went to the DAM recently for our exhibition paper. I had my best friend go with me and I told her I had no interest in going. I told her that I just don’t get that kind of fashion, nor really care to go look at dresses that people wouldn’t wear in public anyway. We had gotten to the second floor where YSL’s exhibit was and we stood there and watched the fashion show video in front of the entrance. I automatically took back what I had said about not caring about fancy dresses. I put my money where my mouth was. I was amazed by the things he created. Some of the dresses I could only imagine where he got the inspiration from. I turned my friend and I around and I bought us both tickets for the next showing. That video alone sold me and changed my mind. I still don’t understand that kind of high fashion, but that show helped me appreciate it a little more.

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