Claire Zitzow

Jeffrey Lubbers

Artist Lecture

Due 4/30/12

Kiri Van Lil

Claire Zitzow is an incredible artist that works in a field that typically combines sculpture and video art, using the history of the land around her to guide the work in many contextual levels; sometimes very subtly other times it is the driving influence behind her work. For Claire land is a place that has been embedded with history, that projects and reflects things back to people.

Claire began her presentation discussing her work revolving about the Salton Sea. Much of this work started around the scientific process in which the sea in ancient times used to be an ocean but had dried up. Now it is one of the most famous ecological disaster, in which so many toxins have flooded the sea from the Colorado River and chemical dumping so much so that the water is very hazardous to people. After all this research Claire traveled out to see what the land spoke to her. She said on of the most incredible things is that as you walk about the sea you don’t hear the sound of sand underneath your feet you he the crunching of bone fragments. All of this inspired her to make a video, “Salton Sea Solar Still” that was projected upon a sculpture of water bottles and sticks. Partially about how the sun and the natural is one of the only things if in that can fix this natural disaster. The video is a short narrative of the creation of a basic distillery, digging hole in the ground with intense sound of only what is being moved within the frame. A short time laps of the plastic covering the whole fogging up from the process concludes the video. This video projection is designed to beprojected on her sculpture from within the sculpture of water jugs.

Claire continued her lecture to discuss a few more of her projects that have the same background of being connected to land. He project “Laying of Bones” is another short film that she showed. discussing a native american resurrection story and process of searching for lost bones. The film is a stereo that began with the left side of the laying out of these metal objects that she found during one of her residencies, and the right being her searching for these objects amongst a bed rocks. 27 minutes in length many different bodies of bones were collected and each one was the left and right stories switched.

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