Frederic Jameson-lopezkr

Kristie Lopez

April 26, 2012

Arth 3539

Lecture 1


Frederic Jameson

I went to the Jameson lecture because I learned quite a bit about him in my Post Modern class earlier this year and really enjoyed all that I learned and wanted to learn a little bit more. Being at the actual lecture I was kinda hoping that he would talk a little bit more about his work rather than what seemed like a critique of the world that we live in. He also was not what I had expected. At the lecture he had what looked like a well written speech but when it came to the actual speech he just read off of the paper. Even when it felt like he was jumping around he was still staring at his papers. The beginning of the speech was great and a little vague. I thought that because of the vague opening that the rest of it was going to go in deeper to the initial claims. That however did not happen like I thought it would.

The majority of the beginning was all about the post modern itself. He opened by saying that the Post Modern is a way of thinking or a philosophy. That it is a representation of the unconscious. He also talked about a lot of things that he did not explain or that he planned to just touch on. Topics such as singularity were just mentioned and I do not know much about it and what I did know I do not remember so it was difficult at times to know what I was supposed to be taking out of what he was saying. Not knowing also caused me to sort of tune out of what he was saying. Therefore what he may have been saying afterwards might have helped me to understand what he was trying to say. I was unable to give my full attention after that and it became difficult to go in and out of the speech and try and grasp what was going on. I would key into specific times that seemed like transitions for Jameson. This was a way for me to start over with a new thought and get something new and get a meaning from it and how it related to Post Modern.

After a while it was clear that a main focus that Jameson had was the role of curators and their relation to the artists. He also talked about what the world of art has come to with all the new technology that has risen these days. When you look at art through a new medium sometimes it changes the art. Jameson says that when a piece of artwork goes through so many mediums what we see is more the idea of the work. What he says is both singular and theory at the same time. Its singularity versus particularity which he did not really explain so I am not exactly sure on the way that I should apply this to the other things that he has said.

When he talks about the curators he says that the role that they are taking is the role that in some way takes the artist out of the situation. Saying that we might not even have great artists anymore we might just have great curators. That maybe what we are seeing is what the curators want us to see or better yet enlighten us to see.

The lecture was good and regardless of the things that I did not like about it. The point is whether or not I took anything away from the lecture and I did which makes the lecture worth it and what makes it a learning experience. It could have gone better but that does not matter and there was a take away so it was worth it.

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