janine Antoni

Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni is a highly successful artist who works with sculpture. Her work deals with the concept of the human form and her personal interaction and experience with a work. In one of the key works she discussed she submerged herself in a tub of lard  and made an impression of herself, the excess she utilized by making busts of herself out of a soap made from the lard. She then proceeded to wash herself with the bust. As time progressed the bust slowly melted, and the form became obscured as she washed herself with herself. In this respect much of her work deals with the concept of the body and how the body both gives and takes. In this respect her analysis focuses on herself and her personal interaction with art. This sensation was further conveyed in the work “Gnaw” in which she generated a large block of chocolate, which she slowly gnawed on and consumed using her teeth as the tool for sculpting. The form of the cube slowly diminished as she licked and ate the chocolate, transforming it from the large cube of chocolate into an intimate experience between the onlooker and herself as she gnawed and consumed her creation. The interaction between the body and the work is primal, as she is able to embody the concept of physical interaction and convey her personal experience through her finished work.

This concept of body work continues past these projects into the totality of her work. However as she matured as an artist her work began to take on a sensation of motherhood. She slowly changed her focus from her personal experience with a material to that of the concept of motherhood embodied through her media. This can perhaps best be seen in the work 2038 in which she bathed in a cow trough and the cow #2038 chose to drink from the trough so that it appeared to be nursing. In this respect her work shifted to the importance of motherhood and the relationship that a child and mother share as a child is from the same body as the mother and in that respect the child is part of the mother. From this understanding her work takes on a maternal aspect, especially as she began to have children of her own and experience the relationship between mother and child in a new light. Her work manifests this sensation in the work Inhabit in which she dawns clothes composed of a doll house and suspends herself in a spiders web, while simultaneously having a spider spin a web inside the house. The thought behind the work is that a perfect mother is distant yet all embracing like a spider’s web. Overall the work is highly charged and innately beautiful as it is photographically stunning ny means of color choice as well as composition.

In conclusion the work Janine Antoni generates is innately beautiful as it deals with the concept of beauty and an understanding of the human body in a way in which is unique and personal both to her as well as the audience. Her comprehension of relationships between the body and herself is innately beautiful and serves as the personification of an individual relationship with a work, in this sense she is highly successful and effective as an artist.

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