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Kristie Lopez

April 28, 2012

Arth 3539

Exhibition Paper

Viviane Le Courtois

When I went to the Boulder Museum I was very surprised with what I saw. I have never been there before so I was surprised that it was bigger than I had anticipated. I have also not been to many museums in general to really make a judgement. When deciding which museum to visit I first did a little research and on who the artists were to see what might interest me. I ended up wanting to go see “Edible” and more importantly it was close and fit into my schedule as well. I was excited to go to this exhibition because I have recently started to learn about art and am trying to learn more about a little more unconventional art because currently it is hard for me to think of art initially as more than a painting by an artist. I have learned a lot within that realm but thanks to this class have been introduced to a lot of things that I did not know of previously. It has also been the most interesting art that I have seen because it is different and unique. The kind of stuff that many people who are not as into art would find fascinating. The kind of stuff that you go home and tell your friends about this giant cheeto that you saw which could lead to them asking who and maybe even wanting to see them as well. This exhibit was right up my alley. I knew from looking at her website at some of the things that she has done before and what she tries to accomplish with her art that I would definitely find something worth mentioning to someone else. From this experience I have developed a new found appreciation with art that I would normally not think of as art and wanted to learn more.

I walked into the museum and was immediately taken back with feelings of what I expected competing with what I saw. It had that museum feel, which I would hope it was considering that is what it is but it also felt like I was somewhere else. The first work that I want to talk about is more of a whole room and the experience that goes with it. This room had a main focus of the herbs and the plants in the center and what was definitely the focal point but at the same time had a lot of pieces that felt like decoration but was still drawing your attention. The tables, the lamps, the rugs, even seating were all things that I could see being anywhere else in the aspect of what they actual are. Maybe something like a waiting room where you could find these items. The big difference to note is that it would not be the same. There were frames all over the walls that commanded there own individual time but they were also put together as part of a larger whole. In the same respect it is probably the area that most people spent most of their time doing their waiting and figuring out what to do next. The room itself was pretty simple but I spent a large amount of time there as well. Even though it was pretty simple it also made me ask questions and wonder what the point of some of the pieces were for and why things were situated in the way that they were. I think the rugs themselves with the single center piece were the most simple thing there but at the same time it was the one that I had the most questions about but did not really know why.


The second piece of art that I thought was interesting was the “Cheetovore.” I like this piece because once again it is so simple but probably took so much work that is taken for granted. A cheeto is something that everyone knows what it is and what it looks like. A cheeto is so small and miniscule but is now art and is going to be looked at by many. It takes things to a whole new level when something like a cheeto that people eat as a cheap snack is now being thought of as a well crafted piece of art which it is. The fact of it being a cheeto is taken away even though the essence of a cheeto is still there. It is also the kind of piece that resembles what it is suppose to but at the same time if it did not say what it was I might have guessed cheeto but may not have been sure. I might have guessed many other things as well before I stopped on cheeto. What I liked the most was just the mere fact that you can take something so small and turn it into something so big and full of exhausted effort.



The third art work that I focused on was one that I thought that many others focused on as well, “The Venus of Consumption.” The reason that I chose it was because I am oddly drawn to it because I am confused. I kept telling all my friends to come look to answer why it is here and why it is presented this way. For one it is a deformed human that is just lying there in a position that does not even make sense. The only way that this body is realistic is when it comes to its extremities. The legs however look backwards and uncomfortable. The right leg even looks like it would be broken. The same goes for the left arm it looks broken. I stand there staring at the piece trying to figure it out and get no where I understand that it is a representation but I just keep analyzing which I think is a good thing and many time the point of art, to ask questions.



I really enjoyed the exhibit and would go to see it again not to mention that fact that I was telling people about all of the different things that I saw. I also appreciate that I have been opened up to a whole new type of art and make me look at more conventional pieces in a different light.

2 Responses

  1. I think it’s great that you had such a reaction to this particular exhibition. I think it would benefit your paper to use more outside research instead of just saying how you felt about the museum.

  2. Awesome that you included pictures! I didn’t get to see this exhibition so I was glad to have visuals to accompany your reactions. It is interesting to see the emotional reactions versus the physical reactions (jumping back, etc.) to the museum’s displays and the artwork itself.

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