Wu Hung-lopezkr

Kristie Lopez

April 27, 2012

Arth 3539

Lecture 2


Wu Hung

I had no knowledge of this lecture prior, my only reasoning was that it was the only one that fit with my schedule. It was definitely about artwork but it also highlighted some different issues such as how certain artwork effects the environment. The lecture focused on three different artists and it was a little hard for me to get into an art mindset because I kept thinking about different issues. When I think about a dam I think about the effects such as what the dam is actually meant for. I think about what the function of the dam is to be. Some of the benefits such as preventing flood damage and it being major source of energy for China were only touched on. I know that it was an art class but like I said it was difficult for me to think of the lecture in that way.

The other effects that were mentioned were the negative effects that the dam would cause. Some of those other issues are the fact that it could disrupt ecosystems and cause people to relocate or have a disruption in the town. The negative that was obviously discussed the most was that fact that adding a dam would take away from the area and its aesthetics. This is true, dam for one are not pretty and for two putting a dam would ruin and hide parts of the environment that many would consider art and too valuable to lose. Something that you cannot get back once ruined. The argument that I keep going back to is seeing the big picture of taking everything into account. I do not know what the area looked like before the dam but considering all of the negative contributions that China has been giving to the environment in the past years the dam could really help. With all the coal that they are burning for energy any little bit would help with reducing their pollution.

One of the artists that Hung talked about was Zhuang Hui, I found him to be the most interesting because he foresaw a change and a project. He thought about the environment and he thought about art and the beauty of the environment. His project was a before and after of three holes that he drilled showing how dramatically it changed. The second, Yun fei Ji just looked at the art that Hung displayed and that was it. I could see that he was moved by the construction and wished it was otherwise. The third artist Chen Qiuling was also very interesting because she was initially from the area that was being relocated and I believe that her family still lived there. I just like the fact that she was included because she was able to offer something new to the table, it made her art mean a little bit more and was the only time that I really was able to put the environment aside.

I had no idea that things like this were going on and I love to learn something new and share with others. I was glad that I chose this particular lecture since it was different and allowed me to look at art in a different way. It allowed me to look at artwork in an unconventional way. Looking at the lecture itself I thought that it was very organized but at first did not know what we were actually talking about until he got to the first artist. It was still a good lecture.

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