Just a side thought

Last week, I saw a performance at CU-Denver’s campus done by an experimental music group/class. What’s interesting is that for one of their improv pieces, the instructor set up a projector up onto the wall so he could conduct the ensemble. It’s interesting that he was going to conduct the ensemble with paint and drum accessories. He set up the video recorder so all you could see were his hands and the different color paints. The piece was an experimentation with “abstract” painting and experimental music to see if the two would influence each other. It was interesting to see the drum beats that the instructor was playing (or painting I should say) and the reaction from the different musicians.

This performance just made me think of performance art and experimental art in a different sense and thought it was interesting. Even though the music did not sound wonderful to the ear at points, it was a fascinating way to conduct a group of musicians. This was different and intriguing.

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