Georgescu-Response to: Latin American Art, Rediscovered Again

While, it was exciting for me to read this article about  the rise in importance of Latin American art in the art world, it also brought some concerns to mind. We have looked at some of the stereotypes of Latin American art as well as of Middle Eastern and Native American art and I wonder if an increase in popularity of Latin American art will perpetuate Latin American stereotypes or help diminish their prevalence? In my (limited) opinion, there is a risk that as Latin American art becomes “hotter” on the art market, artists will feel pressured to depict “typical” Latin American images and themes so as to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. One would hope that the opposite would be the case, that artists would not produce stereotypical pieces and the stereotypes would slowly fade but it seems too early to tell what will happen.

I don’t intend to be too pessimistic with this concern, it just seems hard to ignore after all the time we have spent looking at the prevalence of stereotypical Western concepts of unfamiliar cultures.  For now, it is just exciting that a new culture is breaking into an art market that often appears to be dominated by the same ideologies.

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