Behind the Scenes at a Punk Rock Show

Bruce Conner and the Primal Scene of Punk Rock puts on an exquisite show for any viewer. Punk rock does not have to be the viewer’s musical taste for this to be a great show (no pun intended).The exhibit starts off with a little bit of history about punk rock including its beginning which happen on the West Coast in 1976. The founder’s where often outsiders that were never invited into the rock and roll scene. A photograph taken by Conner himself, titled BOOGIE BOY: DEVO, is a very interesting piece. While I find the man wearing the mask a tad bit frightening the photograph offers so much entertainment to the viewer’s eye. No specific colors stand out, as most of them have a pale tone and are dull in nature. The mask also creates an element of mystery, letting the viewer ponder the question of “What could be hiding under that mask?” I enjoyed this exhibit very much and I recommend it to any music lover.

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