Spring 2012 CU BFA Critique

Logan Young’s space was by far the most cohesive and interesting aspect of the BFA installation. He presented several paintings exploring a common concept. By juxtaposing “…the cuteness of contemporary Japanese Kawaii soft culture and the lethality of the American industrial complex,” Logan challenged the nature of human desire. Ero Guro #1 and Hello Kitty Kill Zone (Ero Guro #2) is an installation involving two acrylic painted canvases and a series of model airplanes from the artist’ s childhood. The paintings depict humorous scenes of Godzilla destroying an ice cream civilization and a Hello Kitty-like figure destroying the city of Denver. Model airplanes are hung in front of the hello kitty painting as if flying away from the destructive scene. While in front of Ero Guro #1 the model airplanes are hung in a similar fashion but are directed towards the composition. I found the shadow work created from these various model planes very interesting. The other paintings he chose to display explore similar concepts of human desire. Melting Ice Cream and Pie, both painted with oils on canvas in 2011, realistically depict popular desserts; commenting on the irresistible human desire/necessity to consume sugar and sweets. His other painting The Impact, also painted in 2011, incorporates a single model airplane exposing a kamikaze act of destruction. The plane is hung in front of a stack of painted ice cream scoops with an adjacent ice cream cone exploding in the composition; foreshadowing the humorous destruction about to take place. Logan Young’s work explored a solid concept with humorous compositions and skillful execution and is my favorite aspect of the BFA exhibition.

Adam Siefkas, Generation Ship, was the worst piece within the exhibition. According to the media list on the placard this structure is composed of foam core, cardboard, and glassine. Just a pet peeve of mine but he failed to mention essential media involved with the installation and construction of this sculpture such as glue and string…that are plainly visible. His inspiration to create this object stems from architectural model making and rendering. He describes it as creating possibilities for the future with “heroic foolishness of utopian plans.” The structure was poorly assembled. Sloppy gluing, cheap materials, and a final product that wasn’t very visually appealing. When I consider an architectural model I think about precise rendering for an actual ability to possibly produce. Cad files and accurate measurements for architectural opportunity. This looked like a sloppy elementary school craft project. It was something but definitely did nothing for my artistic tastes.

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