TYPE A: A New Way

When I walked into TYPE A: GUARDED, I was very intrigued at what TYPE A had in store for me. The room is vast, white, and blank except for the neon guards holding guns lined upon the wall in red, white, and blue. Many computer monitors are lined in the middle of the room each displaying a different objected that is banned by TSA to be brought on an airplane. I believe the intention of this is to make the viewer, who is probably also a travel really question their safety and whether or not security is really holding up their end of the deal. The piece makes one wonder who holds the power and who does not. These roles have been switched in modern times. I really enjoyed TYPE A’s work and when I got home I looked up some more of their work. Their pieces carry a lot of themes such as: absurdity, safety, security, and tension. This can be explained through ‘once you take something out of it’s normal context, it almost all becomes a classically absurdist joke’. Some of TYPE A’s other pieces that I really enjoyed include DANCE and RANGE. 

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