Lecture – Amelia Jones

Amelia Jones

                Amelia Jones, Art Historian, did her lecture at CU on Queer Feminist Durationality. Many of her examples displayed genitals or art interpreted as genitals. Valie Export Genital Panic 1969 is a performance piece in which the artist holds a gun while sitting naked. This becomes the genital gaze that exists in many more works shown by Jones. Some might find the imagery to be offensive, other may find it to be erotic, and I was merely indifferent. Although the idea was good and well executed, it did not evoke any sort of conversation in my mind and instead blended in with all of the other works of the era.

The most intriguing part of the lecture for me was when she brought up the slide of Holbein’s, The Ambassadors of 1533. She compares the gaze created by the skull which is painted at a vastly different perspective and begins to compare that idea with the many “Cunt Art” pieces that she had in her presentation. Of the many works, the only one I enjoyed was Mira Schor’s, Slit of Paint, 1994. The brushwork seemed to be very meditative, while the composition and treatment of the paint is what grabbed me the most. Layer upon layer, Schor built up different colors in different areas to create an almost relief like painting.

Cathy Opie became the key subject by the end of the presentation, which happens to be one of my least favorite artists. Of Opie’s work, the only one in which I am slightly drawn to is Nursing from 2004. As Jones questions, is this a modern version of Madonna and Child? I agree with Jones on this matter and love the idea that artists still harken back to paintings centuries old.

Even if I did not enjoy the artwork, Amelia Jones gave a great lecture on Queer Feminist Durationality. She definitely knows what she is speaking about when it comes to the “queer art.”  She has shown me many new artists, one of which is her husband, Paul Donald, and how intriguing his work is, especially considering how recent it is.

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