Cindy Sherman Thoughts

Cindy Sherman is an American photographer born in New Jersey who uses herself as the subject of her work, dressing up as various female characters in order to question their role in society. I really enjoy the concept of her work, especially because it deals with women. However, I personally feel that some of the characters she portrays are all a mock on that type of person in society in a negative way, they hardly ever look realistic and even frightening at times.

Such as these three photos above, which feature her portraying an older lady, a ski bum, and a woman from jersey shore. The makeup is so dramatic on the older lady that she resembles a clown, and the tans on the other two ladies are almost beyond the dramatic tan that can be achieved with too much tanning lotion. Pieces like these I am not very into.

However, her “Film Stills” I think are incredible. She manages to truly capture an old time feel with the use of black and white and the 50’s clothes and hair. This just goes to show how versatile her work can be, from something so realistic and beautiful to a complete mock on society. I also really enjoy her clown series despite the fact that I do not like clowns at all, I think the makeup and use of bright color is very fun to look at. She is able to convey the happiness and fun of clowns but also the creepy aspect that makes some kids run away in fear. Overall I do really enjoy her work and the concept of it, it is fun and versatile and interesting to look at. 

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  1. I really like this idea, and her way of going about it. I clicked onto your blog because it seemed odd, that first photo. I really like the concept, glad I clicked.

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