Extra Credit- Anders Ruhwald

Anders Ruhwold… Looks like quite the character eh—–>?

Maybe so..  but he is a great example of a contemporary artist still living today.  We spoke of me artists from throughout the world and throughout cultures, so I figured I would introduce you to this fine chap from the European Oasis of Denmark.  His artworks are mainly focused in the clay medium.  Actually, he had an instillation at the Denver Art Museum last year titled, “Like the New Past” made of glazed tiles and earthenware.  I wish I had gone around that time!  This piece looks like it would have been mind boggling to see up close.  The main part of the piece was three gray forms made of earthenware each unique in their sizes and shapes and all in a line beside each other.  Not too intriguing eh?  Well, really sets off this piece is the backdrop to which they stand.  The entire room, walls and floor, is covered with blue and orange glazed tiles organized in a checkerboard type arrangement.  From the image it just appears to be a painted backdrop, but when reading about the piece, it can be concluded that each square is individually created! I love the way they are glazed, causing the light to reflect of the shiny surface and cast shadows of the pieces as well!  This piece makes me think about how the backdrop to artworks today actually have been becoming part of the piece, compared to how they used to be all on white walls, like we read about in “Experience and Interpretation, The Dilemma of Museums of Modern Art”.

I thoroughly enjoy the fact that Ruhwald places the emphasis on the background of this piece.  I also like the incorporation of shadows, considering some of his other works emphasized shadows as well.  I do feel like there should be spotlights just over or in front of the figures as a way to make the shadows more visible.   I also think it may have been interesting to see the forms in the same colored tiles.  This idea may be too overwhelming to the eye, but at the same time it would be extremely trippy and psychedelic.  Overall I think this piece is an awesome part of our contemporary art world! I just wish I would have been able to see it up close and in person.  Who knows, maybe one day I will have a room in my house made completely of vibrant colored glazed tiles.. actually, you know what? Im inspired.. I MOST DEFINITELY WILL HAVE A ROOM LIKE THIS! :D hahaha!


3 Responses

  1. you’re crazy if you want a room like that. I saw it and walked through it a few times at the DAM and it really challenges your eyes and messes with your equilibrium. It was hard to be around. his forms are beautiful though. they stand in that environment, the only things to ground the viewer. if they werent there the space could be a torture room. Aubreys little torture room. Arent you crazy enough?

  2. Thats ABSURD! i am not too crazy.. i will never be too crazy! EMBRACE THE CRAZYNESSSSSSS… Through art of coarse :D!!

  3. This piece is intriguing and migraine inducing as well! I’m going to research this artist because I want to see more of his work now. I definitely would not be able to stand a room like this in my home! You are kind of crazy for that! lol! I agree with Joe as that it would definitely mess with your equilibrium and challenge your eyes. It challenges my eyes just looking at the photo you posted. However, I think his sculptures are beautiful pieces and glazed to perfection. They are contradictory to the background because they are so subtle and calm. They bring you in and then the background throws you back.

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