Extra Credit- Christian Marclay

This guy right here, is Christian Marclay.  He is a little different from the contemporary artists that we have learned about throughout the semester, but his artwork is still a part of the big picture.  He doesn’t work with paint or pencil, nor does he create large scale land works.  Christian Marclay is a visual artist and composer from New York.  His work includes sound recording, photography, video and film.  From 1977 – 1980 he actually studied sculpture.  He has been experimenting, composing and performing with phonograph records and turntables since 1979.  Interesting right?! I haven’t been out here too long, but I know turntables are pretty popular in Boulder in the music scene.  Christian is a very unique artist in his particular style.  Christian Marclay continually works with the idea of deconstructing the record, in sound and theory.  He is fascinated in the minor mess-ups that occur when listening to a record, that most people often ignore, and he makes music out of them instead.  Marclay even damages records to produce loops and skips.  He likes to use inexpensive pre-owned records from thrift stores.  I find the idea that “deconstruction can be seen as a form of creation” is a beautiful concept.

One particular example of  Christian Marclay’s work is called “The Clock.”  It is a 24-hour single-channel montage made up of thousands of historic clips from movies and television.  They are all put together to show the passing of time.  This piece runs non-stop for 24 hours.  Here we go again with taking readymade type works! So in a way, he is not as unique as I thought in all aspects of his work, but he does still change the context of the piece by emphasizing the passage of time.  Its interesting to think that individual works such as these clips from movies all have their own distinct purpose at the time they are created, but as years pass they can be used again in collaboration with other pieces and ideas to be put towards a whole new concept.  It makes me think about how we progress as individuals with the surrounding environments that we live and how we don’t realize while we are in the present, where everything seems so clear, straightforward, and permanent, that it all is changing before our eyes and adapting to have new meanings.  The main thing that I noticed pertaining to this idea is that we are all adapting to the changes while they are occurring, which is why sometimes we don’t realize it.  I like how in unexpected instances artists such as Marclay see the change that has taken place and then brings it to the forefront for everyone else to realize.  I also like how this artist  referenced his inspiration to this work being by that of Salvador Dali.  I can definitely see the resemblance between the melting clocks of “The Persistence of Memory” and “The Clock.”

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