Extra Credit- Contemporary Artist -Allison Schulnik

Allison Schulnik, “Mound”  Clay Animation

Allison Schulnik is a contemporary artist that I feel stands apart from those that we have learned about.  I came across her researching different mediums that I normally don’t jump to the conclusion of labeling art.  I want to learn about an art form in our world today that kind of gets ignored and looked passed overall because it is hidden in the shadows of larger more appealing and mind capturing works.

Allison created a video out of her clay art pieces, they are very much abstracted forms of humans.  They have enlarged eye sockets with no eyeballs.  They are predominately white in color with splashes of random pigment running throughout.  They seem to have no nose and very small mouths.  Some figures are small, some are large, and some even have irregular shaped heads that some to a long point that could be seen as hats.  Most of these forms I would describe as withered in the way Allison created their structures.  The surfaces of the faces and bodies do not appear smooth or flattering, but old, wrinkled, and gloomy.Personally, I like how Allison’s personality is vivid throughout the piece.  You can conclude that she is into abstraction and this overall cooky eeriness.  Her figures sort of remind me of the Tim Burton’s movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” in the way they appear as well as the way they move throughout the film.  I like how she didn’t overpower them with color and left them rather dull, but then put just the slightest bit of color through the faces and especially in the dark eye sockets.  The music that went along with the video definitely made me respond to the overall piece.  The way the forms moved in a fluid way to the music, and then their facial expressions in a way melting into new and different emotions while going along to the music, creeped me out.  After viewing this video for the first time I  had very weird nightmares with those creepy art forms.  Overall I found this piece by Allison very different and that is what I responded to and liked the most.

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