Extra Credit-Contemporary Artist–>Susan Beiner

Susan Beiner– Contemporary Artist

I found this artist to be really interesting and thought you all would maybe like to engage in her work as well.  Here are a few thoughts from my perspective…

 Susan Beiner explores sensual appearing form and bright, luscious color in her complex works of art. There is a certain relationship to unique areas of the surrounding world whether in nature or man-made.  One particular work of art she created is called Synthetic Reality.  It is made of clay and ceramic materials mined from the earth, as well as additional industrial materials such as foam, Plexiglas and rubber.  It is composed primarily of slip-cast porcelain forms that are altered and glazed.  It stretches out to a width of 336 inches and a height of 108 inches.  Its depth is 22 inches.  It took her over a year to create and was finished in 2007.  The many barnacles and sea type plants that it is comprised of can be seen in an abstract way.  Susan Beiner went above and beyond on the scale of this piece.  The intricate details of each individual sea object are absolutely amazing.

Even the title of the artwork draws the mind in to it, allowing one to ponder deeper meaning.  Although it is called Synthetic Reality it makes me think of an imaginative fantasyland.  I find this piece to be overall fascinating.  The vast size, to me, reminds me of how vast it would be in its natural environment.  All the small details of each individual portion and then stepping back to see the entire thing is overwhelming.  I love how the colors explode throughout the piece.  Most of all I love how the piece creates a story for each individual viewer, and it can very well be different for everyone.  It allows one to admire something close up that in real life is not accessible to plain vision everyday being so far under the sea.  I feel like I could stare at this artwork for hours on end and still be able to see something different.  Don’t you all feel that this is a great example of how art has progressed from what it used to be into contemporary art today :)?!

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  1. This work is AMAZING and shows the amazing talent of the artist! I want to see this in person and photograph it for myself!! This is another contemporary artist you have shown to me that I am interested in researching! I love that she still embraces the original aspects of art in that she makes it completely with her own hands!! As someone who has been raised by the ocean and under its surface I LOVE THIS PIECE! It shows just a piece of the vastness of the actual ocean floor but it does it in a way that you can understand just how vast the real thing is..

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