Extra Credit- Ken Vavrek- Contemporary Artist

 Ken Vavrek is in my opinion a great example of a contemporary artist.  I know we spoke a lot about large scale, performance art, controversial art, and land works thorughout the coarse of the semester, but I sometime feel a step back is necessary.  Not everyone works in large scale in contemporary art today.  I find these works to be just as important to think about.  Ken Vavrek works mostly with glazed stoneware.  In one such piece that i particularly find aesthetically pleasing is “Lover’s Leap”.  From the image I posted below, it appears to be a small scale work that is zoomed in on in the photograph.  You all may think, what is so cool about that? Well in all honesty, it is art.  When someone looks at it, it instills a response in them, and later on in the future when someone comes across this as an ancient artifact of what is our contemporary art world, it will have just as much meaning as the large scale works, if not more.  If you think about it, many of the land works today won’t even be around anymore, so things like this that are meant to last, will be valuable.  This is what I personally feel about this work in particular :)…

The juxtaposition of the pieces that make up the form is hard to be placed with the particular name it was given.  It does not resemble a human, and the colors don’t necessarily symbolize love.  Ken Vavrek simply had an idea in his head that he wanted to portray to the viewer, but at the same time he allows the viewer to create their own story along the guidelines of his title.  Throughout the semester we learned of many contemporary artists who did this with their artwork.. planting a seed in the brains of viewers as to come up with their own stories.    What fascinates me most about this work is it’s scale.  When you look at an image such as this one, where it is close up in detail, it doesn’t appear to be that big; when in actuality it is much larger.  I like the color choices he used, as well as the simplicity of the piece overall.  I feel that Ken could have went overboard in color or by adding more pieces to the overall structure, but the fact that he kept himself limited allows the viewer to expand their imagination towards the piece.  I like how each piece appears rigid and sharp, but at the same time smooth to the touch and shiny.  To me, this appearance can in fact resemble a person approaching love; not knowing what they are about to put themselves through.  Love is a dangerous feeling.  It may first appear beautiful to the eyes and start out smooth in the relationship, but can in turn put the one who sacrifices themselves to the feeling, at risk of getting hurt.  

With these thought, I urge you all to reconsider the works that you attempt to appreciate among Contemporary Art today because in fact, they all have meaning and they all deserve a chance to be looked at.

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