Extra Credit- Looking at art by Annea Lockwood

Annea Lockwood is a contemporary artist that collaborated with sound-poets, choreographers and visual artists, and created a number of works in the 1960s, which she herself performed.  During the 1970s and ’80s she began doing performance works focused on environmental sounds, life-narratives and performance work.  We speak a lot about performance works in lecture, but the ones that really stick are the younger generation of performers.  I feel like Annea Lockwood is an inspirational artist in that she is a more mature/ an older woman and yet she can continue to be a successful artist.  Sometimes I wonder how long the creative portion of the brain can function to its fullest before it just dies out.  I hope that I can continually come up with fascinating and successful art pieces, even towards the last half of my lifetime, that new generations will appreciate and enjoy.  The above picture, where she had set a piano on fire, the artwork was named “Piano Burning” accordingly.

I love the idea and romanticism behind this piece.   It leads me to think about how the piano was originally made of wood from a tree.  Then it makes me relate a forest burning to the piano burning.  Earlier in the year, we learned of one artist who believed that art made from nature will eventually be reclaimed by the nature that it was created from.  I feel like Annea Lockwood’s artwork is a great representation of that that concept!

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