Extra Credit Madison Dye Missed Lecture

Missed Lecture Gerhard Richter February 21, 2012

Gerhard Richter was one of the most important American painters, working in a variety of different styles, all of which fall under the category of conceptualism. He dabbled with many different painting techniques including abstract, photo paintings, and different methods applying paint to the canvas to achieve new textures. One very interesting aspect of Richter’s were his photo paintings. Richter would collect mostly older black and white photographs from many different sources, including other people’s family photographs. From these he would create very accurate paintings, and although they were very accurate paintings, they were not considered photo-realism. By painting pre-existing photographs, he removed the decision making process of the artist. This also allowed him to paint freely, since he was copying the photograph, he did not have to spend time debating what to paint, or relate it to any specific social, cultural or political context.

The collection that Richter is probably the most famous for are his color charts of the late 1960’s. In the exhibition of these pieces at the Serpentine Gallery in London in 2008, he displayed an astounding 4900 different colors. This is my favorite collection by Richter. For me personally, color is one of the most fun and appealing aspects of painting, and Richter really perfects this by creating such a huge number of colors, with extremely subtle differences between them all. Richter is a celebrity of the art world, and for good reason. The perfection in the vast variety of styles and techniques utilized by Richter has forever cemented him in the history of American art as a revolutionary.


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