Extra Credit- Mona Hatoum

Recently in lecture we talked about the contemporary artist, Mona Hatoum, who hails from Lebanon.  I found it interesting that she actually grew up in the Christian faith.  Though after thinking of what we were learned about how Americans place so many stereotypes on foreigners who come to the United States, I stepped back from my surprised state of mind, and opened it to see this artist in a more broadened term; a human, just like each and every single person on this planet.  So many artists today create art on things that make them different from the majority.  I like how Mona creates art about her identity touching slightly on her culture but mostly portraying how she is similar to Americans.

One Response

  1. I think the most interesting aspect of her works is her close relationship to her mother. Her work involving photos of her naked mother, paired with the dialogue between the two, is a beautiful representation of the trust shared between mother and daughter, regardless of race or religion. She simply shares with the viewer the bond that unites so many of us. You’re exactly right, she touches on her own identity in her works, but overall, she seems to focus on how similar we all are to one another.

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